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Wood County was the second Ohio county to sign with Fairfield Computer Services for their dog license system, and we have always been happy that we did so. We believe that they continue to provide quality services at a reasonable price. They are reliable about responding to our needs and eager to implement new technology to speed the registration process.
- Michael Sibbersen, Auditor, Wood County, Ohio

Fairfield Computer Services is more than a third party dog licensing system. They are our partners and work with us every step of the way. If we have a suggestion on system changes, they take our suggestion and they improve upon it to provide the best possible solution. The Butler County Treasurer’s office would highly recommend Fairfield Computer Services because they are more than just a vendor, they are our partner.
- Diane Marburger, Treasurer, Butler County, Pennsylvania

I would like to commend Fairfield Computer Services for their dedication to the continued needs of the Animal Control industry. The county I serve is very large and the annual budget is very small. I have been in search of an affordable program to aid us in licensing, locating, and in short, managing the licensed and unlicensed dogs within our jurisdiction. The program Wendy and her staff set up for us is AMAZING. We are getting more dogs licensed and are able to keep track of them with great ease. I have called many times with questions (I'm not the best with computers) and they are always there to patiently assist me. This program is very user friendly and has many features that have become an asset to us. I wish I would have discovered Fairfield Computer Services and their Online Dog Licensing System sooner. There is no doubt that my revenues would have been greatly
improved! This internet based program is now being used in 21 municipalities county-wide, our County Clerks office, Animal Control plus several veterinarian clinics that sell our county licenses with Fantastic results!
- Sherrie Shelton, Humane Officer, Sawyer County, Wisconsin

The Knox County Auditor's Office is proud to be partners with Fairfield Computer Services / Online Dog Licensing. I would recommend them for their timeliness, quality and professional manner in which they conduct business.
- Jonette Curry, Auditor, Knox County, Ohio

In 2009, Seneca County made the investment with Fairfield Computer Services [dba. Online Dog Licensing] to offer the online dog licensing system. Thus, allowing dog owners the opportunity to license their dogs for the 2010 year through the online application, which was linked directly to the Auditor's home page. For a small to medium sized county this investment was a huge success the first year. After realizing the capabilities of the online licensing system, we implemented the full web based dog licensing system for 2012 licensing.

This year was the second year of using the web based or full system. One or two days after the January 31st deadline we were able to have all of the information in the system for everyone's use and were able to generate labels for a local organization. If we were still using the old software we would still be entering dog license information into the system into late February.

This allows our law enforcement to use the system with real time results. Being a smaller county, we have a dog warden and assistant dog warden who cover the whole county 24/7.

The efficiencies we have gained using this system is well worth the investment to our County.
- Julie A. Adkins, Auditor, Seneca County, Ohio

I cannot praise Fairfield Computer Services enough for their exceptional product and services. Being the first county to pilot their dog license system in Pennsylvania, we were pleased and continue to be impressed by their knowledge and ability to customize their program to conform to PA Dog Law Regulations.

The system's capabilities are trumped only by its flexibility. There are so many features that make them better than the rest, but to summarize, let me just say that they go “above and beyond” understanding and accommodating our needs. They usually know what we need before we ask, and they have already explored the possibilities. They share their ideas and welcome ours -- they are part of our team.

When I asked my staff for their comments, they emphasized “easy to learn and navigate”, “prompt, courteous customer support”, and, in one word, “AWESOME”!

I highly recommend Fairfield Computer Services. They have a reliable system with limitless options to meet your specific needs, and they will certainly help with your transition every step of the way.
- Janet, Deputy Treasurer, Butler County, Pennsylvania

I inherited an absolute mess when I took over the Warden's job. We were still entering dog tags on Oct 31. I thought there must be a better way. That was when I found Online Dog Licensing. I have found them very helpful during our conversion process from concept to full implementation. They have been available and answered every question I have had. The FAQ section is very easy to use and generally will answer questions. The bar coding is a snap to use, and if all of my clients would use the form, it would be fantastic. We recently had some law changes on vicious dogs, and they were receptive to working with our Dog Warden's association to see what they could do to assist. I have seen an increase in the customers using the online system to register their dogs from their homes.
- John Glass, Chief Dog Warden, Sandusky County, Ohio

We are very satisfied with Fairfield Computer Services / Online Dog Licensing system. Our sales of dog licenses online has increased each year since launching the website. The system overall has made the dog licensing process more efficient from our standpoint and has improved customer service in the licensing of dogs here in Miami County.
- Matthew W. Gearhardt, Auditor, Miami County, Ohio

I have been extremely satisfied with the service that I have received from the Fairfield Computer Services and their Online Dog Licensing Agent Service. Every selling agent has limited hours, but with this service you can buy your tags anytime it is convenient and with the free version it comes as no cost to the County!
- Cindy Owings Waugh, Auditor, Vinton County, Ohio

Fairfield Computer Services [dba. Online Dog Licensing] has a solid, streamlined dog licensing program that has centralized and standardized our dog licensing process. Online support is outstanding, and they are very accommodating working with our individual needs.
- April, Administrative Assistant, Dog Control Department, Monroe County, Wisconsin

Fairfield Computer Services and their Online Dog Licensing System are an asset to our county. The software is user friendly, for the deputy auditors as well as the general public. Any questions that cannot be answered within the software help section are answered by the help desk quickly, friendly, and professionally. Our office has had compliments from the general public for the time savings involved with an on-line system. I highly recommend their services to any county interested in this type of program.
- Shelley & Roberta, Deputy Auditors, Union County, Ohio

We've been using the system for two years and don't have any complaints. The system is very user-friendly and customer service is great!
- Kyley, Deputy Auditor, Darke County, Ohio

The Online Licensing System was a great improvement to our office. We are now able to have all applications keyed and in the system by the time the January 31st deadline comes around each year. We also enjoy the convenience of being able to e-mail residents of Athens County about upcoming deadlines and late notices. The opportunity to purchase dog licenses from the convenience of their homes has received great reviews from our pet owners.
- Ben, Deputy Auditor, Athens County, Ohio

Even though our on-line sales are not abundant, they are increasing each year. We have not had a single problem and the customers that use your website have commented how quick and easy it is.
- Katy, Deputy Auditor, Morgan County, Ohio

I think Online Dog Licensing is easy to use and find Fairfield Computer Services helpful and friendly to deal with.
- Amber, Deputy Auditor, Marion County, Ohio

This is to introduce you to Green Apple, Inc. [now, Fairfield Computer Services / Online Dog Licensing] our Internet provider. We have a wonderful and very dependable relationship with this company and are most pleased by their integrity as well as their innovations.

One of the most successful new programs we have offered in our office is the sale of dog tags on the Internet through Green Apple, Inc. We were looking for a third-party vendor who would handle all the bank issues and paper work involved with the acceptance of on-line credit card payments. Green Apple came up with the best as well as the most cost effective program.

We began this program in November 2002 and not only have our sales on the internet tripled in a year, we have been able to greatly reduce employee time devoted to this program. We have received many compliments about the convenience and are very excited about the upgrades that will be added soon.

If you are considering an on-line dog tag program, I highly recommend Green Apple, Inc. They have proven to be most professional in meeting all our needs.
- Barbara Curtiss, former Auditor, Fairfield County, Ohio 

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